Miami & the Caribbean


Picture Perfect Production Services

For over twenty-five years Picture Perfect Productions has been providing production support to our clients, helping them to bring their film, video and print visions to life. Working around the globe, we have made sunny South Florida our home, where we host year-round filming and a wide selection of locales. Our 20,000 image library makes it easy to find the perfect backdrop and whether it be on land, in the air, or on the sea, we’ve got you covered in the US, Caribbean and South America . We are here to provide you with just the right amount of services that you may need including the following:

*Travel (Visas, Carnets, Flights, Hotel Discounts)
*Locations (Scouting, Permitting, Security)
*Casting (Photo & Video, Web Uploads)
*Office (Production Space, Insurances, Budgeting, Payroll)
*Full Crew (DPs, Set Designers, SPFX, Stunts, Storyboard Artists)
*Vendors (Specialty Equipment, Camera Houses, Studios, Prop Facilities)
*Marine Services (Coordination, Picture Boats, Support Boats)

For when your picture has to be perfect!